Monday, October 6, 2014

I haven't painted in a few days. I've been busy reading up on color principles. Also, going through my photographs and pulling those I would like to use as references for future paintings.

I came across these next paintings in my files. These were birthday gifts I gave to my family a few years back. I was planning to do a painting for everyone in the family that year for their birthday. I got the paintings for the first 5 birthdays (of which I am posting only 3 - can't find the photos of the other paintings) done but somewhere over the summer I lost steam. Now 3 years later I've decided I need to finish what I started. Only four more paintings to go .  .  .  .

                                    Jacks,  6" x 6", oil

This painting was for my dad. I can remember playing jacks with him when I was young. And by the way, these are the original jacks we played with.

                                   Frogs of Clubs,  6" x 6", oil

My brother Michael was the recipient of this painting. For some reason we tend to give him gifts pertaining to frogs. I don't know how this started but I stuck with tradition. 

                                   Peanuts for Elephant,  6" x 6", oil

I gave this painting to my niece Jennifer. There was somethng about this figurine that reminded me of Jennifer's style (not the elephant itself but the style of the elephant).

                                  Two Birds,  6" x 6", oil

This painting was actually a gift to my dear friend and fellow painter Dawn. I really liked how this small piece came out. And what better person to receive a favorite painting of mine than a bestest friend.

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  1. Thanks again Kit for this awesome painting. right now they are hidden away for age keeping in storage. I hope to set them free this spring!